we may be new, but no-one’s been making ropes longer than we have.

You don’t win belt buckles for being a rope maker. If you did, Curt Matthews would have droves of them. Curt isn’t just the top hand at Top Hand Ropes, he’s the inventor of the modern lariat and the machines used to build them.

Like most inventors, Curt’s also a tinkerer. The kind of guy who knows good will never be good enough and perfection is always the bar. So when Curt committed to helping us build a new rope company, none of us were interested in creating another iteration of the same machines and ropes he has taught so many of our competitors how to make. This was going to be unique. This was going to be big. After all, what’s the point of creating something new unless it’s also improved.

Five years later, Curt and the team are providing, what we believe are the absolute best ropes going. Ropes built using materials and techniques you will only find in a Top Hand.

Ropes tested, tweaked and retested until they get the seal of approval from not only Curt, but a handful of some of the most knowledgeable, successful and highly decorated ropers our sport has seen.

All of that so you can find a rope that works for you.

We’ll never win a belt buckle building these ropes. But these ropes were built to win ‘em all.


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